Chief Minister's Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme


Follow Up Procedure Guidelines - neonatal

SERIAL NUMBER Procedure 1st Qtr Per Qtr (for next 3 Qtrs) Requirements while submitting for follow-up Preauth Requirements while submitting for follow-up Claims
74 FP0074 : Term Baby with persistent pulmonary hypertension/meconia aspirition syndrom/mechanical ventilation/with or without clinical sepsis/with or without hyperbilirubinemia/with or without perinatal asphyxia 3,000 1,000 Previous Discharge Summary (Clinical Evaluation-Mandatory), Relevant Investigations, LFT
75 FP0075 : Term baby with seiZures ventilated 2,000 1,000 Previous Discharge Summary (Clinical Evaluation, TC, DC, Serum calcium, Blood Sugar-Mandatory)