Key objectives of empanelment process:

  • Transparency of the whole process
  • Clearly defined criteria used objectively to select and grade hospitals
  • Optimal and efficient processes for cost containment for implementing the scheme sustainably
  • Ensure good and quality beneficiary experience

Hospitals Selection Process:

  • Step 1: Dec 22, 2011: Invite hospitals across all locations in the state of Tamil Nadu to participate in an online competitive bidding for hospital selection.
  • Step 2: Dec 23, 24,25 and 26: Interested hospitals will be requested to log on to and fill in the empanelment details and submit their competitive quotes for select surgeries and diagnostic procedures.
  • Step 3: 27 onwards: listing of hospitals will be done by the Hospital Selection Team.
  • Step 4: The inspection teams from the TPAs need to visit the shortlisted hospitals and verify the authentication of the details submitted along with evidence and if found satisfactory send the MoU to the shortlisted hospitals and take agreement on the tariff.
  • Step 5: The TPAs will also be sending mails and contacting the hospitals which have been involved in the scheme implementation over the past two years and requesting them to participate in the Hospital Selection Process through the online medium.
    TPAs will empanel the required numbers as suggested in the tender document across various districts and clusters. The monitoring of the service and treatment quality will be done very closely by TPAs.


  1. Number of beds more than 30
  2. Central oxygen & suction facility
  3. ICU beds more than 5
  4. Microbiologically certified OT with C-Arm/Laparoscopic unit
  5. Minimum two adult ventilators with provision to ventilate neonates
  6. 24hrs lab support including facilities to do electrolyte measurements and blood transfusion either with own blood bank or through tie-up
  7. Imaging unit /or in house facility to do ultrasound/xray
  8. functioning MRD
  9. PCB authorization for the hospital
  10. BMWM and tie up with CTF
  11. IT solution with licensed software


  • PCB - Pollution Control Board.
  • MRD - Medical Record Department
  • BMWM - Biomedical Waste Management
  • CTF - Common Treatment Facility


  1. ICU beds more than 15.
  2. Number of beds more than 75 - 100.
  3. OT with Laminar air flow.
  4. Location metrocity.
  5. NABH / JCI accreditation.
  6. DNB accreditation.
  7. In House CT/PET/MRI.
  8. Laennac RT.
  9. Cath lab, cardio therapy OT.
  10. Full time consultant in all specialities.
  11. IT solution and computer billing in all desk.
  12. Own blood bank.

       * Click here for Procedure List of Online Tendering (Please add the package rate list information and attach in documents - signed and sealed package rate list in the Online Empanelment Form given below)

       NOTE: * Kindly attach soft copy of package rate list information & signed and sealed PDF document