1. The Govt. of Tamil Nadu has formulated the Chief Ministerís Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme to provide free medical and surgical treatment in Government and Private Hospitals through insurance coverage to eligible families in Tamil Nadu and issued Guidelines for implementation of the Scheme.
  2. United India Insurance Company has been selected as the Public Sector Insurer for providing the insurance coverage in the form of cashless treatment upto specified limits, through Network Hospitals to be empanelled by the Empanelment and Disciplinary Committee under the chairmanship of the Project Director, Tamil Nadu Health System Society.
  3. For the purpose of the Scheme, empanelment of all Hospitals throughout Tamil Nadu satisfying the criteria under the Scheme, is to be taken up for consideration by the Committee and advertisement was published in Tamil and English newspapers inviting applications on Dec 22,2011.
  4. The Hospitals interested to be considered for empanelment may submit following documents online between Dec 23, and midnight of Dec 26,2011:-

    a. Application duly completed
    b. Competitive rates for the listed surgeries
    c. Scanned copies of MCI certification,NABH/DNB accreditation and all other relevant documents/photographs as listed in the     website. Applications may be summarily rejected if not found to contain all information or attachments.

  5. . Interested parties shall thoroughly acquaint themselves with the Scheme and relevant information posted on the scheme website through appropriate links on this page. Applicants shall be deemed to have familiarized themselves with all relevant information.
  6. Applicants shall provide complete information in all respects including facilities available and competitive rates for the various specified treatments/ surgeries/diagnostic procedures that are listed in the application.
  7. The Committee shall be entitled to decide on the competitiveness of the rates quoted, inspect and verify by themselves or through authorized representatives the correctness of details stated in the application, and also call for further documents, information, particulars besides holding direct enquiries/negotiations before empanelment.
  8. The Committee shall have the sole and absolute authority to determine the number of Hospitals that may be empanelled, the specified treatment/procedures for which an applicant may be empanelled and the terms of empanelment, considering the requirement, location, facilities offered/available, the competitiveness of the charges quoted for treatments/procedures/diagnostic procedures, the suitability of the applicant and other aspects as may be found relevant for the purpose of effective implementation of the Scheme
  9. Nothing herein contained shall be construed otherwise than as an invitation to offer. Applications shall be treated only as offers for providing service, unless selection of an applicant is communicated in writing by the TPA (Third Party Administrator).
  10. Selected applicants shall be required for the purpose of being empanelled;

    a. To enter into necessary Agreement/MOU with the TPA implementing the scheme in that district.
    b. Provide guarantee for a period of four years.
    c. Not collect any extra payment from the beneficiaries for the covered surgeries.
    d. Ensure quality treatment and service levels to the beneficiaries and be subject to such terms and conditions as may be enforced.

  11. Decision of the Committee on all matters of empanelment and disciplinary action shall be final and binding.