1Radiation OncologyRadical Treatment
2Radiation OncologyPalliative Treatment
3Radiation OncologyAdjuvant Treatment
4Radiation OncologyRadical Treatment with Photons
5Radiation OncologyPalliative Treatment with Photons
6Radiation OncologyAdjuvant Treatment with Photons/Electrons
7Radiation OncologyA) Intracavitary I. LDR Per Application
8Radiation OncologyA) Intracavitary II. HDR Per Application
9Radiation OncologyB) Interstitial I. LDR Per Application
10Radiation OncologyB) Interstitial II. HDR One Application and Multiple Dose Fractions
11Radiation OncologyIMRT - Upto 40 Fractions in 8 weeks
12Radiation Oncology3D CRT - Upto 30 Fractions in 6 weeks
13Radiation OncologySRS / SRT - Upto 30 Fractions in 6 weeks
14Radiation OncologyIMRT WITH IGRT - Up To 40 Fractions in 8 Weeks
15Radiation OncologyRapid Ax Therapy - Up to 40 fractions in 8 weeks