1Poly TraumaGrade-I & II (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
2Poly TraumaGrade-III (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
3Poly TraumaFlap Cover Surgery for Wound in Compound Fracture
4Poly TraumaSurgery for Patella Fracture (To Be Covered along with Other Injuries only and not as Exclusive Procedure) (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
5Poly TraumaSmall Bone Fractures-K-Wiring (To Be Covered along with Other Injuries Only and not as Exclusive Procedure) (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
6Poly TraumaSacro Illiac Joint
 Poly TraumaAcetabular
7Poly TraumaHDP/PP
8Poly TraumaFibre
9Poly TraumaModular
10Poly TraumaBelow Knee(BK/PTB) Prostheses - HDP/PP
11Poly TraumaBelow Knee(BK/PTB) Prostheses - Fibre
12Poly TraumaBelow Knee(BK/PTB) Prostheses - Modular
13Poly TraumaThrough Knee Prostheses - HDP/PP
14Poly TraumaThrough Knee Prostheses - Fibre
15Poly TraumaThrough Knee Prostheses - Modular
16Poly TraumaAbove Knee(AK) Prostheses - HDP/PP
17Poly TraumaAbove Knee(AK) Prostheses - Fibre
18Poly TraumaAbove Knee(AK) Prostheses - Modular
19Poly TraumaHip Disarticulation Prosthesis -HDP/PP
20Poly TraumaHip Disarticulation Prosthesis - Fibre
21Poly TraumaHip Disarticulation Prosthesis - Modular
22Poly TraumaPartial Foot Prostheses
23Poly TraumaUPPERLIMB -Below Elbow- HDP/PP
24Poly TraumaUPPERLIMB -Below Elbow - Fibre
25Poly TraumaUPPERLIMB -Below Elbow- Modular
26Poly TraumaUPPERLIMB -Above Elbow -HDP/PP
27Poly TraumaUPPERLIMB-Above Elbow - Fibre
28Poly TraumaUPPERLIMB -Above Elbow - Modular
29Poly TraumaUPPERLIMB - Whole Upper Limb - HDP/PP
30Poly TraumaUPPERLIMB - Whole Upper Limb - Fibre
31Poly TraumaUPPERLIMB - Whole Upper Limb - Modular
32Poly TraumaSurgical Treatment
33Poly TraumaStay in General Ward @Rs.500/Day
34Poly TraumaStay in Neuro ICU @Rs.4000/Day
35Poly TraumaSurgical Treatment
36Poly TraumaAbdominal Injuries Conservative Stay in General Ward @ Rs.500/Day
37Poly TraumaStay in Surgical ICU @ Rs.1000/Day
38Poly TraumaAbdominal Injuries Conservative Surgical Treatment
39PolytraumaChest Injuries Conservative Stay in General Ward @ Rs.500/Day
40PolytraumaStay in Respiratory ICU @ Rs.4000/Day