1Orthopedic TraumaSurgical Correction of Longbone Fracture (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
 Orthopedic TraumaFracture Neck/ Shaft Of Femur (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
 Orthopedic TraumaFracture Shaft of Other Long Bones (Humerus, Both Bones of Forarm, Both Bones of Leg) (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
2Orthopedic TraumaCorrection of Non-Union Fractures
 Orthopedic TraumaNon-Union of Fracture Of Femur
 Orthopedic TraumaNon-Union of Other Long Bones (Humerus, Both Bones of Forarm, Both Bones of Leg)
3Orthopedic TraumaAmputation of AK / BK (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
 Orthopedic TraumaAmputation of AE / BE (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
 Orthopedic TraumaAmputation of Fore-Foot (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
 Orthopedic TraumaSym's Amputation (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
 Orthopedic TraumaAmputation of Toes (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
 Orthopedic TraumaAmputation of Fingers (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
 Orthopedic TraumaTrans Meta-Tarsal Amputation (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
4Orthopedic TraumaSoft Tissue Injury (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
5Orthopedic TraumaArthrodesis of - Major Joints
6Orthopedic TraumaArthroscopy - Diagnostic
7Orthopedic TraumaArthroscopy - Operative Meniscectomy
8Orthopedic TraumaBone Grafting as Exclusive Procedure (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
9Orthopedic TraumaExcision or Other Operations for Scaphoid Fractures
10Orthopedic TraumaOpen Reduction & Internal Fixation of Fingers & Toes (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
11Orthopedic TraumaReduction of Compound Fractures & External Fixation (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
12Orthopedic TraumaILIZAROV Ring Fixator Application
13Orthopedic TraumaCTEV Neglected - Jess Fixator
14Orthopedic TraumaOpen Reduction of Dislocations - Deep (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
15Orthopedic TraumaAmputations - Forequarter
16Orthopedic TraumaAmputations - Hind Quarter and Hemipelvectomy
17Orthopedic TraumaArthroscopy - ACL Repair
18Orthopedic TraumaAvascular Necrosis of Femoral Head (Core Decompression) (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
19Orthopedic TraumaSoft Tissue Reconstruction Procedures for Joints/Osteotomy (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
20Orthopedic TraumaAnterolateral Clearance for Tuberculosis
21Orthopedic TraumaCosto Transversectomy
22Orthopedic TraumaSpinal Ostectomy and Internal Fixations
23Orthopedic TraumaNerve Repair with Grafting
24Orthopedic TraumaNeurolysis/Nerve Suture
25Orthopedic TraumaOperations for Brachial Plexus & Cervical Rib
26Orthopedic TraumaExcision of Bone Tumours . Deep With Re-Construction with Conventional Prosthesis