1General MedicineAcute Severe Asthma with Acute Respiratory Failure
2General MedicineCopd Respiratory Failure (Infective Exacerbation)
3General MedicineAcute Bronchitis and Pneumonia with Respiratory Failure
4General MedicineARDS
5General MedicineARDS with Multi Organ Failure
6General MedicineARDS Plus DIC (Blood & Blood Products)
7General MedicineOP Poisioning Requiring Ventilatory Assistance
8General MedicineSeptic Shock (ICU Management)
9General MedicineMetabolic Coma Requiring Ventilatory Support
10General MedicineThrombocytopenia with Bleeding Diathesis
11General MedicineHemophilia
12General MedicineOther Coagulation Disorders
13General MedicineChelation Therapy for Thalassemia Major
14General MedicineSnake Bite Requiring Ventilator Support
15General MedicineScorpion Sting Requiring Ventilator Support
16General MedicineTreatment for Sickle Cell Anemia
17General MedicineTetanus Severe
18General MedicineDiphtheria Complicated
19General MedicineCryptococcal Meningitis
20General MedicineCerebral Malaria